• Plaisir de jeu sans fin !
  • Des cubes  spéciaux pour les plus petits.
  • Des  possibilités illimitées.


Les cubes de construction de ELI Play France garantissent  des heures de plaisir durant lesquelles  les petits enfants développent des compétences différentes. Ils peuvent travailler ensemble, ou tout simplement jouer seul pendant des heures. Leur créativité est motivée par les possibilités infinies de constructions. 

ELI Play France propose deux types de cubes  de construction:


Les Funblocks de ELI Play France sont fabriqués à partir de polyéthylène écologique. Par l'utilisation d'un procédé spécial de ''moulage par soufflage" on est arrivé à obtenir des coins et des bords lisses. Les cubes peuvent être utilisés à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur et sont résistants au froid, à la chaleur, à la salive et faciles à nettoyer. Les Funblocks de ELI Play France sont vendus par série de 106 pierres.

Art. No: TE-01-01-007-00


Les Eli blocs de ELI Play France sont en mousse souple pour les plus petits. Ces cubes sont légers et idéals pour cet âge. Ils peuvent passer des heures à construire des murs, des tours, des maisons, des avions et faire de leur fantaisie une réalité. Ces cubes en mousse sont idéals pour les hôpitaux, les cliniques, les espaces -bambins dans des aires de jeu intérieures, salle d'attente chez le dentiste. Les ELI blocks de ELI PLAY France sont vendus par série de 42 pierres.

Art No.: TE-01-01-004-00

Information supplémentaire:

Aimeriez-vous avoir une attraction qui offre un plaisir sans fin? Alors  ce coin cubes de VCS PLAY France est la meilleure  solution pour vous! Curieux pour connaître nos possibilités.

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Sunelia L\'Atlantique

Sunelia L'Atlantique is a great example of an indoor play structure at a camping site. Good weather is not always guaranteed but also on rainy days children need to lose their energy. Sunelia L’Atlantique checked with our France partner, VCS France, to look for a solution. To find a solution for different ages levels VCS France advised a bigger playstructure for children from 4 to 12 years old. For the smaller ones VCS France advised a small toddler area so they can play safely without getting knocked down by the older children.

The playground includes a big play structure, power tower, slides and a separate toddler area with soft play elements. Everyone can have a great time.

L’ilot Z’enfants Caen

Discover L’îlot Z’enfants, an indoor playground and trampoline park in France! A challenging playground with a nice theming which will be loved by all children. Children can enjoy their time in one of the many attractions that the playground has to offer: buildingblock arena, ball pool, powertower, climbing volcano etc. All ‘classic’ attractions can be found in this playground.

Also our newest product, the JumpArena is added to this playground. Children can enjoy their time and use all their energy on the JumpArena! The diagonal jumpsheets offers the children an opportunity to practice their tricks!

Jump XL

At the moment ELI Play is working on a new JumpXL venue in Perrigny, France. This huge trampoline park with a stunning 31 fields will bring its jumpers endless uses.

The large pillowpit combined with the stunt area and the Jump Tower offer a spacious and safe practicing facility. Next to this, the park includes Dunk Areas and a trampoline with a total length of over 20 meters!

Sport Centrum Utrecht
Sport Centrum Utrecht started the first children’s sport center in the world. ‘SamSam’ is a project which we’re proud to be a part of! Children cannot fitness at SamSam but they can make a lot of fun by playing together and they can enjoy a physical exercise in a fun way!

SamSam has a wide range of sport activities and the new product category ‘trampoline arcs’ were a great addition to the project of Sport Centrum Utrecht. Children can Jump around on the JumpArena of SAMSAM. The JumpArena exists of 15 jump fields, a tumbling field and diagonal sides where children and adults can jump against to practice their tricks.

JumpXL Eindhoven

In january 2015 JumpXL made its next step in the Netherlands. You now have the opportunity to jump around in ‘heavenly air’ as this brand new trampoline park opened in the ‘Heilige Harten’ church in Eindhoven.

The church has been filled with a massive 55 field trampoline area which is suitable for almost all ages. A unique experience for the whole family. Also adults are allowed to use the facilities at JumpXL.

JumpXL offers you a partnership opportunity to become part of the JumpXL family. Entrepreneurs work together to strengthen the brand troughout Europe. For more information you can go to http://jump-xl.com/

Le Parc du Petit Prince

ELI Play France has installed a Trampoline Park at the Petit Prince amusement park in Ungersheim, France. This average sized trampoline park has a Dodgeball court and stunt area with a PillowPit and JumpTower. The customer has themed the park with a gigantic projection screen and transformed it into a space adventure. 

Star Fun

This massive indoor playground just opened in Lille, France. For kids from 0-12 years old there is a big structure with a very big variety of play elements. Kids can climb around the building in this huge connected structure which also includes a volcano,  slides, a donut glider, a building block area, splat pads, trampolines and climbing walls. The big structure also has an integrated funshooting arena and a free standing PowerTower.

Next to the big structure there is a smaller structure with a softplay area where parents can play with their toddlers. This open area is great for the smallest ones and parents can keep an eye on their playing kids.

For the older kids and grown-ups Star Fun also has a SuperJumpXL Jump Arena.

The Star Fun playground guarantees hours and hours of fun and is a great example of how ELI Play products can be combined into a playground for very wide variety of ages. If you want to see more of the playground and how the ELI Play products are used, you can visit the Star Fun website: www.star-fun.fr and make sure to check out the 360 degree viewing option on Google Maps.

Gladiabal Gravity
A sports venue in which both trampolining as Freerunning come together. The free runners can practice their tricks on a jump block. Responsible jump and sports are central to Gladiaball in France. It is a safe and fun environment for young people to become familiar with new ways of movement. At Gladiaball you can enjoy a trampoline installation of 200m2!
Jump XL

JumpXL is taking their first steps in France. In the end of December, Indoor Playground and Trampoline park Star Team in Seclin, Lille is opening their doors! The trampoline park from Star Team will be part of the JumpXL family!

Children can enjoy their time on the new trampoline with 14 fields and two diagonal sides. Children and kids can practice their tricks, somersaults and practice until they are trained jumpers. Also for free runners trampoline parks are a safe environment to practice their skills.  

JumpXL is the partner you’re looking for! You can be part of the big fJumpXL family. Together they are working on expanding their brand in Europe and beyond!


Discover indoor playground and trampoline park Toboga Playground in Prague! A challenging playground with a nice theming that will appeal to many children. Children will enjoy the many attractions the playground has to offer: corner blocks, ballpool, power tower, climbing volcano and multisport.

They also added trampolines at Toboga Playground. Children can spend all their energy on the Jump Arena! The trampoline will challenge children in different ways to show their skills.

JumpXL Waalwijk

JumpXL Waalwijk is already the next one on the long list of realized trampoline parks but this park is just a little bit more special than all the ones before because this parks includes our last innovations: balance beams, ninja course, jump walls, trampoline area, jumptower and we’re even waiting for some extra additions. If you want to know what ELI Play can offer you, then a visit to JumpXL Waalwijk is definitely your time worth.

JumpXL Waalwijk includes a ‘fun’ ninja course which offers everyone the possibility to challenge themselves to test their physical strength. This newest innovations is a great add-on to our current offer!

Freedog Bristol
Check out this great park our partner ELI SRO finalized! ELI SRO realized a new trampoline park in Bristol, England with some sweet pink color included! The trampoline area is including a main area, stunt area and dodgeball area. The elements a trampoline parks needs to be successful!