Dunk Area

  • Indispensable dans chaque parc de trampolines
  • Dunker comme un joueur de la NBA
  • Long Trampoline pour gagner de la vitesse

Tout le monde veut dunker comme un joueur de la NBA. Dans la Dunk Area il est possible d’atteindre le panier de basket de n’importe quelle manière facilement. Le long trampoline offre un espace supplémentaire pour gagner la vitesse dont vous avez besoin. La Dunk Area peut être intégré dans n’importe quel parc de trampoline et est une attraction indispensable dans votre parc! 

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JumpXL Dortmund
The first JumpXL trampoline park in Germany is a fact! Our partner JumpXL opened her doors in Dortmund in the end of September! The trampoline park in Dortmund has been a succes since day one and visitors come and go! This success was not expected but JumpXL is in the spotlight everywhere! Even the German media is paying attention!

JumpXL is located in-house at Monkey Town Dortmund. Visiting JumpXL will be a great trip for the whole family. Also for free runners JumpXL is like heaven! They can practice all their tricks in a safe environment and with the diagonal sides of the trampolines there are endless possibilities of tricks to try!

Are you curious what the German media is reporting about JumpXL? Find out here!

JumpXL Lille

JumpXL is taking their first steps in France. In the end of December, Indoor Playground and Trampoline park Star Team in Seclin, Lille is opening their doors! The trampoline park from Star Team will be part of the JumpXL family!

Children can enjoy their time on the new trampoline with 14 fields and two diagonal sides. Children and kids can practice their tricks, somersaults and practice until they are trained jumpers. Also for free runners trampoline parks are a safe environment to practice their skills.  

JumpXL is the partner you’re looking for! You can be part of the big fJumpXL family. Together they are working on expanding their brand in Europe and beyond!

JumpXL Eindhoven

In january 2015 JumpXL made its next step in the Netherlands. You now have the opportunity to jump around in ‘heavenly air’ as this brand new trampoline park opened in the ‘Heilige Harten’ church in Eindhoven.

The church has been filled with a massive 55 field trampoline area which is suitable for almost all ages. A unique experience for the whole family. Also adults are allowed to use the facilities at JumpXL.

JumpXL offers you a partnership opportunity to become part of the JumpXL family. Entrepreneurs work together to strengthen the brand troughout Europe. For more information you can go to http://jump-xl.com/

JumpXL Waalwijk

JumpXL Waalwijk is already the next one on the long list of realized trampoline parks but this park is just a little bit more special than all the ones before because this parks includes our last innovations: balance beams, ninja course, jump walls, trampoline area, jumptower and we’re even waiting for some extra additions. If you want to know what ELI Play can offer you, then a visit to JumpXL Waalwijk is definitely your time worth.

JumpXL Waalwijk includes a ‘fun’ ninja course which offers everyone the possibility to challenge themselves to test their physical strength. This newest innovations is a great add-on to our current offer!