A new step for ELI Play!

Eric Verstappen brought ELI Play to extreme heights in the last years but the time has come to reach for Eric to take a step back. From September 1st he will transfer his duties over to René van de Ven. René is already familiar with the organization and has gained a lot of international experience at Bosch-Rexroth. The shareholders of ELI Play, including Eric, are confident that René will strengthen the position of ELI Play on the market further. Eric will stay involved in concept development and international sales at ELI Play.

More than 23 years ago, in 1993, Eric Verstappen started with cleaning ball pools at Ikea and McDonalds. Five years later, in 1998, ELI Play Netherlands, in that time VCS Play, opened her first playground in Kaatsheuvel (NL). In 2007, Eric started in collaboration with HPS Play Company its own production facility in Eindhoven (NL).

The past 10 years have flown by and thanks to the emerging trend of trampoline parks, and the remaining successes in indoor playgrounds, ELI Play managed to develop themselves into an important player on the international market. Last year ELI Play renovated her production facility multiple times, started their own welding department including a welding robot and expanded their number of employees to 100.


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