International day of Co-operation

This weekend we will celebrate the International day of Co-operation. During this day we take the time to remember the importance of cooperation, both on government level as in business. This day also means a lot for us as an international company. ELI is producing everything in house, this means we work together with suppliers all over the world to finalize our end product.

Collaboration is one of our core values. We want to create an environment in which the end-user, often children, can train, play, have fun and be happy! This goal can only be achieved by working closely with our customers. If we work together with our customers we can work on creating high-quality structures, which are reliable and brings people together. In the end happiness and fun will follow!

To realize our structures and to put a smile on people’s face is something we can’t achieve alone. This is why we want to use this day to thank our customers and suppliers for their great support!


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